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Woods Kitchen has your back at the grill or in the kitchen. Try our line of sauces and join our flavor journey!


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At Wood’s Kitchen, we know that you care about the foods you and your family eat. We do too!.

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Gourmet Sauce? Yes, Please!

Making food is not just a task - it’s an art form. If you appreciate cooking just as much as we do, you’re going to absolutely love our collection of gourmet sauces that bring a host of creative, bold & innovative flavors right to your taste buds.

The Finest Ingredients, Crafted with Care

Our mission is to bring together simple ingredients and make a variety of sauces that are deliciously irresistible.

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Turn Ordinary into Extraordinary with our Sauce Collection

Quick, Easy and Delicious Meals at Home

These versatile gourmet sauces by Wood’s Kitchen add exotic yet approachable flavors to meat, poultry, fish, and vegetables.

Better for YOU

Gluten free, vegan and non-GMO, low sodium, contain no allergens. Fewer calories, fat, sugar and sodium than other BBQ and dipping sauces.

No Binders, Additives or Other Strange Stuff

Crafted from Veggies, Fruits, Vinegars, Spices and sometimes Sugar – that’s it! Wood’s Kitchen sauces pack a punch of flavor without being weighed down by the bad stuff in other condiments.

Plant Based

Wood’s Kitchen sauces are completely plant-based and sourced from the freshest ingredients available to bring you the most delicious flavors imaginable.

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