About Us

Ivan and Anne     

We are Anne and Ivan Wood, founders Woods Kitchen Foods, private chefs and culinary enthusiasts. We created Woods Kitchen Foods based on the premise that healthy meals should not only fuel bodies but also taste great and bring people together. That’s why bring you our most sought after products from our kitchen to yours.

Based in San Diego, California, our products are crafted in small batches where we source carefully and responsibly, procuring only the finest all-natural ingredients. We never use preservatives, fillers or any other strange stuff and offer options that are low in fat, and minimize the use of salt and sugar. Our products are naturally vegan, gluten-free and when at all possible, we use organic, non-GMO and fair trade sources.

At Woods Kitchen Foods, we are here to be your culinary wing man!  Fresh Ingredients, delicious flavors and ease of use are the key elements in all our products. Our sauces complement any protein or veggie dish and can be combined with other ingredients to create delectable dressings and marinades.

Whether you are putting together a dinner party for many or enjoying a quiet night at home, Woods Kitchen Foods is here to help. Our mission is simple: we want every one of your meals to be a special occasion.